About Moa Hats

Loris and Marco are Moa Hats

Moa Hats is Loris Ciresa and Marco Baltisberger. As filmmakers, musicians and visual artists we decided to adapt our visual knowledge to the process of hatmaking.

We believe that a special hat can transform your awareness and boost your creativity. A hat is an accessory you don’t see while wearing, but It can make you stand out of the crowd. A hat is not just something that you present, a hat should be representing you. You want to be represented by a hat that embodies your unique personality.

Moa Hats atelier

The hat is like the last brush stroke by a painter to complete his masterpiece. It’s the little thing, that takes the vision and the statement to a whole new level. The last brush stroke is the missing piece, you did not know was missing, by the time it completed the canvas. It’s unique and one of a kind, like our hats are.

Every hat at Moa Hats is made by hand.
We only use the highest quality materials to produce our hats.
We know special things happen with time.
We take the time a hat needs until the last stich is done, we promise.

Keep your wild minds alive

Loris and Marco